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    My studio is at the picturesque 3rd district of Budapest with good parking possibility. The 73 m2 studio includes a fully equipped kitchen and bathroom. Make-up and hairdressing facilities are available. It is an ideal place for product shootings, large background model photography and food photography.


    I work with a 22 megapixel digital camera attached to a view camera body and I use high quality large format lens. The flash system is  digital, equipped with a wide assortment of light forming elements.


    Good make-up, hair and stylist artists can make miracle happen when they work. But it is not a real magic. They are experienced professionals who know exactly how to emphasize the beauty of the body or the face and hide the little faults.

    Model photography is a result of an excellent teamwork. The photographer gives the final touch to the joint work. To achieve the best model photos,  I have been co-working with outstanding make-up and stylist professionals for years.

    The photo is not final at the moment of the exposure. During the shootings I always think ahead of the later digital manipulations I will make on the picture. It is less time and resource consuming and the opportunities are wider.

    In some cases, there is no need to even try without using computer graphics. For example why to rent a flat or install the adequate interior in the studio when we are able to create a virtual 3D background using CGI?

    Food photography is a kind of hobby. I love cooking and taking pictures of the food I made. I cook and decorate the food, design the accessories and the lighting. Food photography needs lot of experience and practice.

    It takes a while you learn the little tricks and secrets. In some cases, this knowledge  make it even possible to shoot certain food or drinks. I have been passionately involved into food photography for 14 years.

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    Work Experience


    Working as a freelance photographer in advertising business since 1999, I have been commissioned by various ATL and BTL advertising agencies. I have a good understanding of the workflow and great experience in cooperating with agencies as well as directly with clients.


    Well known for my food, product and model photography, my best qualities are routine, precision and reliability.

    Price News Leaflets and Catalogs


    I have been working as a photographer of price news leaflets and catalogs for more than 10 years. For instance I have been responsible for the photography of the global brand TESCO price news leaflet.

    Packaging Design Shootings


    One of the highlight of my experience in ad photography is product packaging design shooting. Since 2010, I shot hundreds of TESCO, METRO and SPAR own label range products.

    For Companies


    I also work directly with companies who has not advertising agency in designing and developing of the complete photo concept of their advertising campaigns.

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    Andras D. Fabian

    Mobile: +36 70 502 4849

    Skype:  fabianphotography

    Email: info@fabianphoto.com


Andras D. Fabian

Mobile: +36 70 502 4849

Skype: fabianphotography

Email: info@fabianphoto.com



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